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We from ROYAL DESOLATION are 5 passionate Swiss metalheads. Even before the first release, we played extensively in various Swiss clubs. In 2019, the five-track EP "LOST" was released.

Due to the global pandemic, we decided to produce our first series of singles and videos. The first single "WE WILL NOT FALL" was released in September 2020. The second single "BORN IN ASHES", echoing the theme of "WE WILL NOT FALL", was followed by the third single "ARMY OF DESOLATION" in October 2021.


Since these tracks can be heard, we have become more and more experimental with the synthesizer, especially 80 synthesizer.

In the meantime, it is impossible to imagine the songs without it.


Since April 2022, the first album is available on various platforms such as Spotify, Youtube, Aple Music and lots more.

Our second album is now in progress. 

The mixture of 80s synthesizer and catchy melodies are going to be even stronger, as you can hear in the latest singel "KOSMOPHOBIA".

This has become our trademark along with pure energy in our music and at our live shows.

However, our lyrics thematise and process the decay and disorder in today's society.




Raphael Schenk: vocals

Taylor McGarrett: lead guitar

Sebastian Räber: rhythm guitar

Gregory Birrer: drums

Yannick Blickensdörfer: bass guitar

Royal Desolation Schrifzzug Signalrot-02.png
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Band Members


Raphael Schenk Vocalist


Taylor McGarrett
Lead Gutarist


Yannick Blickensdörfer bass guitarist


Gregory Birrer


sebasian räber
rhythm guitarist

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